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Top 6 paradises where to go on vacation in france


Jan 21, 2023
vacation in france

As I write to you, we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis and still a little unclear about our possibilities for family trips to France this summer . What to do , what to see , which region of France to choose and under what conditions? Very smart and well informed the one who could answer you in a precise way. But right now I’m taking great pleasure in discovering all the unsuspected dream places  that our beautiful country hides. To discover others and to be patient while waiting for clearer instructions, I asked 10  blogger parents that I appreciate, their little corner of paradise where they like to meet with theirchildren in France

#1 – Pianottoli-Caldarello in Corsica: the paradise of 2 C Travels

Where to go on holiday in France

Hello friends. We are Carole and Cyril, 33 years old, lovers of travel and nature, accompanied by our 2 little scoundrels of 2 and a half years, Lucie and Sacha.

 Do you know Pianottoli-Caldarello in the wild south of Corsica ? As close as possible to nature, far from the tumult and noise of towns and tourist spots, this typically Corsican village benefits from an incredible wild coastline that is relatively unknown to tourists.

#2 – La Lozère: the corner of paradise from Playing the World

We are Chloé and Romain, travel bloggers since 2015 and traveling parents since 2018. After having traveled the planet together during a one-year world tour, we continue to travel today with our two daughters, Elia (2 years) and Lilac (6 months).

#3 – The Virgin Island (Brittany): Trotteurs Addict’s little corner of paradise

If there is one place where you feel out of place, it is Finistère . We love this little part of the world where the landscapes are sublime and wild. But the place worthy of a postcard and which remains our favorite is the Virgin Island . In fact, it’s not exactly an island, but a beautiful cove of pebbles surrounded by cliffs and bordered by emerald water. To find it, head for the Crozon peninsula . Just take the customs path from the village of Saint-Hernot(allow 20 minutes – for a longer walk, you can start from the charming coastal village of Morgat ). Pines, a wild coast, a sea as far as the eye can see and this blue… Once you reach the top of the creek, the panorama is exceptional! It can also be accessed by water by canoe. On site, there will necessarily be an activity that will please everyone and the children will love playing hide and seek under the cave.

#4 – The Alpes Maritimes: the little secret corners of Voyages de Tao

We are Magali and Julien, happy parents of 7-year-old Tao. We live in Nice in the Alpes Maritimes . Our region is full of wonders and there are many things to do with the family . We are lucky to live close to the sea but also to have the mountains not far from there: our playground is very big!

On the sea side, we love to walk on the coastal paths with, as our favorite, that of St Jean Cap Ferrat . For a hike “in the shoes of an explorer”, we recommend the Vallon Obscur du Donareo  : a guaranteed change of scenery but remember to put on walking shoes.

#5 – The little corners of paradise in the Ardèche of Beaux Lents Demains

Family of bloggers since 2016, we like to take the time to travel in a slowlife spirit. Great lovers of the Ardèche , we go there regularly as a family and each time we are disoriented by the beauty of its natural sites and its small villages full of charm!

Still around Les  Vans , we invite you to discover the medieval village of Naves which is at the foot of the  Cévennes .. Further east, also take the  Route des Belvédère s which offers exceptional views of the  Gorges de l’Ardèche and the famous Pont d’Arc . Less known but just as beautiful, you will be surprised by the beauty of the village of Saint-Montan  with the added bonus of an exceptional view of the Rhône valley .

If not, to combine swimming and exploring the village, don’t miss the villages of  Labeaume and Balazuc .

#6 – Noirmoutier: the paradise of I’m packing my bags

Hi everyone, we are Perrine, Cédric and Malo, a small family from Nantes from the blog  jefaismesvalises.com . Because traveling begins at our doorstep and our regions have talent, we would like to tell you about a place that we particularly like: Noirmoutier .

We are lucky, we only need 70km to enjoy the salty air. The perfect opportunity for Malo to take out his beautiful blue and yellow boots. The little adventure begins at the passage of the Gois at low tide with shellfish fishing. The bucket filled with clams, we cross the passage before the waters rise and engulf us. You should be careful.

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