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5 destinations for an ideal honeymoon


Jan 21, 2023
destinations for an ideal honeymoon

The honeymoon is generally one of the trips that we best prepare for and that we undertake with the most pleasure. We want everything to be perfect, we take care of all the details, nothing can go wrong at the last moment.

One of the biggest headaches is choosing the destination. An exotic place, beaches to have relaxing days, a combination of beach and more cultural days or good weather, these are some of the aspects that we think about and that influence our choice. In short, it is not always easy to decide.

This is why we offer you 5 destinations for a dream honeymoon .

1. Maldives

The Maldives, a paradise in the water and out of the water . The Maldives is one of the favorite destinations for future brides and grooms to spend their honeymoon, but they often shy away from it due to the high price of the trip.

They are private islands surrounded by blue water whose range seems almost impossible, white sand beaches that invite total relaxation, and villas on the beaches or on the water that will make us spend unforgettable moments. To all this must be added spectacular coral reefs, perfect for diving and snorkeling.

In general, for an upper-middle-range all-inclusive resort, you will have to count around 500 euros per night per room, combining Water Villas and Beach Bungalow (for example, 4 nights at the Water Villas and 3 at the Beach Bungalow) .

A return seaplane trip between Malé and the island of your choice can cost around 370 euros per person.

Speedboat from Malé to the island: around 230 euros round trip per person.

If you choose this heavenly destination, I advise you to book everything separately, the trip will cost you considerably less.

You can buy the flights yourself, then contact a Maldives tour operator, with which you will have much cheaper resort prices, including travel, in general. In this case, forget the famous search engines or hotel comparators: in general, the prices you will find there are 40% higher, on average, compared to those of the agencies.

2. Thailand

Tailandia This is one of the first countries that come to mind when dreaming of the perfect honeymoon. No wonder, Thailand has everything one could want for a complete trip.

You can also get lost between the ruins of real archaeological sites like Ayutthaya or Sukhothai , as if you were Indiana Jones himself.

For those who want to admire nature in its purest state, I recommend going to the north of the country, setting the base in Chiang Mai . From this place, one can go deep into the forest by trekking on the most impressive routes, which will combine adventure and visit to local ethnic groups.

3. Safari in Kenya and Tanzania

Many future ones very often incline for a joint safari in Kenya and Tanzania , thus combining two countries in which they can observe the wildest fauna in the middle of the most beautiful nature.

In Africa, you can contemplate not only nature, but also one of the most incredible skies you can see. The best way to end a day of safari is probably to lie down in a hammock and contemplate thousands of stars to the rhythm of the sounds of the surrounding savannah.

Tanzania, a land of diverse wildlife and magnificent landscapes paves the way for lovable honeymoon experiences. As you take on this new chapter of your life, consider the appeal of Tanzania Honeymoon Safaris, a gateway to romance and adventure. With its pristine beaches, intimate lodges, and the chance to witness the wonders of the Serengeti and Ngorongoro, Tanzania is the perfect place to start marriage bliss.

It is very common for bride and groom to push their safari to Zanzibar or the Seychelles and end their honeymoon in the best possible way they can dream of, surrounded by paradisiacal beaches that will give them unforgettable moments.

We advise you to look for an agency that will organize the trip for you. If you don’t know the terrain well or have the necessary information, doing it yourself isn’t the quickest or sometimes the cheapest, since you can’t really say that transport in this region of Africa is organized.

4. Bali

When you look at Bali, also known as the Island of the Gods , you have the impression that it came out of a magazine or the catalog of an exotic travel agency.

It is true that the most touristy areas have lost some of their charm of a few years ago, before the arrival of mass tourism; but if you move away a little, you will discover an island where we are always smiling.

Throughout your trip you will be accompanied by incredibly green rice fields, temples that seem to come out of a fairy tale, delicious and colorful cuisine, or breathtaking landscapes.

5. Japan

Japan It may be one of the least chosen destinations among the five that we propose to spend a perfect honeymoon , but that does not mean that it is the least extraordinary of all.

And if you want your honeymoon to be perfect , don’t forget to book a villa built in the middle of rice fields (which is very common in this island), where you can admire nature; you will thus benefit from a special supplement for your trip to the Island of the Gods .

There are many attractions that can make one choose Japan among the honeymoon destinations.

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