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5 tips for a successful trip to Tunisia


Jan 21, 2023
trip to Tunisia

Tunisia remains a very popular destination. The oases and desert landscapes, the fine sandy beaches and the riches of a prestigious historical heritage still attract visitors, despite the repercussions of the current health crisis on tourism. These few tips should help you have a successful stay in the country.

Think about the formalities

Before leaving for Tunisia, make sure you are in good standing. To enter the country, you need a valid passport.

 Also check that you have completed the necessary formalities for the introduction into the country of certain objects. Thus, you cannot take certain audiovisual devices without having requested authorization. You also need one to travel with a pet.

In addition, no specific vaccine (apart from that against Covid-19, which the article discusses later) is required to travel to Tunisia. However, it is advisable to be up to date with certain vaccinations, such as tetanus, diphtheria or hepatitis B.

Even if it is not mandatory, taking out specific insurance protects you from the hazards that any trip may entail.

 Check sanitary requirements

Before leaving for Tunisia, you should also find out about the measures relating to the coronavirus taken by the Tunisian authorities.

People who have received their two doses of vaccine, followed by a period of one week, are not required to the compulsory confinement of 10 days which is imposed on other travelers.

 For their part, unvaccinated people must also present a negative PCR test of less than 72 hours. In addition, they are imposed, at their own expense, a 10-day confinement in places chosen by the Tunisian authorities. A second test must be carried out during this period of isolation.

Pick the right time

The choice of the season, to make a trip to Tunisia, depends in part on what you want to do. If you are interested in beaches, you can go in summer.

You will enjoy the sea and the sun, but you still risk being hot and meeting a lot of people. If you want to visit the oases of the South, choose the winter season instead. Winter is a bit chilly, but in these latitudes you will benefit from the ideal climate.

Generally speaking, the shoulder seasons are probably the most pleasant. If you visit Turkey in May-June or September-October, you will indeed enjoy a temperate climate and moderate crowds.

 Choose your destination according to your tastes

You have informed yourself about the necessary formalities and the health situation and you have just chosen the time of departure.

Now you need to know where you plan to go. If you are looking for relaxation and distraction, you will set your sights on resorts like Hammamet or Monastir, which offer you their magnificent beaches. And for those who like to party, the dream destination is the island of Djerba.

Do desert landscapes enchant you? Then choose the formula of the organized trip, to visit the oases of Tozeur or Nefta.

Those who are interested in the riches of Tunisia’s past will choose other destinations. They will opt for circuits that will take them to the grandiose ruins of Carthage, the great mosque of Kairouan or the village of Sidi Bou Saïd, whose white and blue houses dominate the Gulf of Tunis.

Put the finishing touches to the trip

All you have to do is take charge of the material aspect of your trip. First you need to book your flight. There are very useful comparators online, which allow you to find the most advantageous rates.

This done, you have to think about accommodation. If you go in high season, it is more prudent to book your hotel, because the demand is high. Some sites, such as  , offer you a large choice, with very varied accommodation formulas.

You can choose half board or the “all inclusive” formula according to your tastes. You will also find on these sites the details of the activities offered.

If your trip is in the spring or fall, you don’t have to book your entire stay in advance. You can book the first night or find the hotels where you are going to stay on the spot.

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