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10 things to take with you when you go to China


Jan 21, 2023
when you go to China

China is precisely not the country in which it is easier to travel. I do not hide from you that during your trip, you will encounter several obstacles that you will have to overcome one by one so that your trip will be as unforgettable as the country is.

Here is a list of 10 things you should take with you when you go to China  to make your trip easier.

1. Routes written in Chinese

The language is undoubtedly one of the great difficulties during a trip to China. If you take into consideration the fact that the majority of Chinese people do not speak English and rarely try to do so, you can already get an idea of ​​the obstacle it means to understand or make yourself understood in any situation, especially when these are train journeys or destinations.

The best way to overcome this is to take Chinese accommodation addresses and city locations with you . You have no idea what you will gain with this. You just need to show the paper to your interviewer so they understand where you are going and can help you get there.

2. The urge to taste new foods (spicy, in most cases)

Forget the idea that in China you can eat like you would in your neighborhood Chinese restaurant. Chinese cuisine has little or nothing to do with the spring rolls and beef with oyster sauce that we are all familiar with. If you add to that the fact that in most areas they add so much spice that it can tear you to tears, do you already think that you are ready to taste new flavors?

3. A VPN

In China, it is not easy to connect to the internet , at least to browse the websites we are used to here, i.e. social networks, travel blogs, newspapers, and others. Access is limited. So forget about uploading your spectacular Great Wall photo unless you have purchased a VPN service before. And now you will ask, what is a VPN? A VPN (from the English Virtual Private Network, or RPV for “virtual private network” in French) is quite simply a system which makes it possible to connect a computer (or a network) to a remote network via the Internet. By using a VPN, your real IP address remains secret and you bypass restrictions.

4. An electronic translator

One of the things to take with you if you are going to travel to China and want to make yourself understood is an electronic translator. Never had such a seemingly insignificant thing turned out to be so indispensable on a trip. Being in a restaurant and showing your mobile phone to the waiter or waitress with the image of a glass of water and the Chinese translation, I guarantee that is the best way to not stay thirsty in China.

5. Willingness to be pushed around

For some strange reason, in China it’s as normal to hustle as it is to eat. If you’re waiting in line to board a bus, prepare to be pushed around. If you’re waiting to cross a zebra crossing, be aware that someone will bump into you. So be patient and tell yourself that each of these jostling is a free massage

6. The urge to run, if you want to get somewhere

In China, we go everywhere running. This is not a joke. Aside from the jostling I mentioned above, running is so ingrained that you’re going to have to do it every time you want to go somewhere.

7. Comfortable shoes

No matter how far you have to walk in China—even if it’s just to buy bread—you’re going to have to walk, a lot of walking. It is likely that the nearest bakery is two miles away and there is no taxi to take you there. Considering the situation, you’d better take good shoes with you and remember that your best travel companions will be your feet.

8. Clothes for all seasons

If you plan to visit several regions of China, it is very likely that you will start out feeling cold and end up suffocating in the heat. Don’t forget that China is vast, really huge, and the climate varies a lot from region to region. The best way to prepare is to put some warm clothes in your bag, and some light clothes too if you are going to pass through a hot zone. Mountain boots and sandals will do you no harm, you will be prepared for all eventualities.

9. Toilet paper

If there’s one thing you’re not going to find in China, it’s toilet paper in the toilet. It doesn’t weigh much, so put two or three rolls in your bag and it will save you last minute surprises. Also be aware that the toilets there will not be as you may think. A pit is the best you’re likely to find.

10. Patience

In China, you will need a good dose of patience not to lose your nerves. That being said, I promise you will have an unforgettable trip.

Finally, don’t forget that the current currency in China is the Chinese yuan . You can exchange your currency for Chinese yuan at Global Exchange .

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